When It Rains in Arizona

Just got home from Creativation 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. Much warmer than Chester but it was allergens galore as it rained while I was there. Rained. In the desert. If not the cold, then the allergies. It will get ya one way or another!!!

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Walking into a Dream…

Just coming up for air today after finishing, packing and shipping off the last of my Creativation assignments… pink trees like cotton candy seemed to be the best cure for exhaustion. This spread was inspired by Mary Blair, who was a prominent artist and illustrator creating art and animation for the Walt Disney Company. Here’s to Mary!

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New Instagram name

I had been fiddling with this for some time. I joined Instagram in the summer of 2015 to share our move from Tampa, Florida to Chester, New Jersey with my friends. My name was not available to choose and I didn’t want a bunch of random numbers after my name. So, I had picked Color.Happy.Creations after the name of my newsletter.

Slowly, my Instagram feed began to evolve after the move was complete and I had shared enough photos of our new home and the pretty town and orchards. I was sharing photos of my sketchbook every now and then until I made the decision that my Instagram will be mostly about my artwork with some of my life sprinkled in, be it my kids, our vacations, cool finds and such. So, I changed my name to mou.saha.studio.

I think it gives my feed the right focus.

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