Happy Mail Day!

Last summer, we were planning to go to India but Jia’s passport didn’t get here on time. We felt this deep urge to use the passport asap and decided to go to the Niagara Falls. I shared photos from our trip on Instagram and got guidance on things to do and to get from my Canadian friends. I mentioned trading a Lincoln for a pretty Canadian $5 bill the morning we left. Later that day someone mentioned that I should get a ‘Loonie’ and a ‘Toonie’. But we had already crossed the borders. Cassandra offered to send them to me and I accepted. Yesterday the shiny and pretty Loonie and Toonie arrived along with Cassandra’s beautiful card and ATC!

Thankful for friends!

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The Sucky Day!

This week started out with a hard Monday. Cold. Grey. Unmotivated. I felt somewhat shoved and so I pushed back. Sharing some Ramen with my two-year-old and a good night’s sleep led to a better Tuesday. Still cold. Still grey. But motivated!

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