Here are 10 fast facts about me.

  1. I am an art instructor for Creativebug. I have also taught online for Big Picture Classes, Tim Holtz, Donna Downey and Claudine Hellmuth.

  2. I have been published over 700 times so far in print media. You can find a list here.

  3. I am Brand Ambassador and educator for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft since its launch in 2010.

  4. My handwriting has been made into fonts.

  5. I have been on TV teaching my craft.

  6. The story of my creative journey was published in The Tampa Tribune, a leading Florida newspaper.

  7. I was Contributing Editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine.

  8. I held an esteemed national art scholarship for painting for 12 straight years from the Centre of Cultural Resources and Training under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

  9. I have taught art workshops all over the States as well as abroad in places like Paris, France.

  10. I have learned my craft by experimenting, failing and not giving up.

Growing up, I wanted to become a circus acrobat, then a gymnast, until I became a competitive swimmer and eventually a Clinical Psychologist. Then I got married, moved to the States with my husband, started my own family and wanted to be a good mom to my 3 kids. While my goals and priorities have changed many a time in all these years, one thing has remained with me like my shadow – my love of making things with my two hands. It took me many a detour till I began to think of myself as an artist.

So, no matter where you stand, you are ready to start creating… trust me, YOU ARE!!!

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