Video Tutorial: Art Journaling with Coloring Pages

Did you know?

  • That you don’t always have to color within the lines on a coloring book page?

  • That you can use your coloring book pages in your art journals?

  • That you can print them in reduced sizes to fit your page needs?

I have included several such ideas and step-by-step instructions in my newest printable coloring book Farm Fresh.

And here’s a video tutorial to show you what I am talking about.

I hope you enjoy!

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Flipping through old journals

I started out planning to do some spring cleaning in the studio, sort of in an attempt to clear my mind. Then I found a pile of journals I had meant to put away and forgotten. And then I started flipping through the pages and saw this one. It made me smile! If I didn’t have art and crafts in my life, I’d be a perpetually frazzled person. ART SAVES SANITY.

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I made Top 5 Finalists list

So, on the 28th of September, I got a message from Creativebug. I had not actually entered the Next Creativebug Art Instructor contest. They liked my entries throughout September and wondered if I would be interested in entering their contest. How exciting! I went to their website and filled out my contest entry form. On Saturday October 1st, I got an email with the subject line Congratulations! Today, they announced their Top 5 Finalist list on Instagram and I can share my BIG NEWS!!! Congratulations to the other finalists! Each of us now will have to submit a few other things for the finals. Off to work!

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