My Coloring Book On TV

Earlier this year, I traveled to Cleveland to shoot a few segments for the upcoming brand new Make It Artsy TV show. In the video above, host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and I explore the magic of light and shadow using watercolors on a page from my coloring book, “No Place Like Home”.

There’s more. Lots of cool projects from various artists like Dina Wakely, Seth Apter and more coming this September to PBS!

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Happy National Coloring Book Day to You!

Did you know that there is a National Day dedicated to Coloring Books?

Yes! I was so excited to learn that TODAY is that day.
Of course, I had to celebrate… so, I’m coloring in my own printable coloring book, “No Place Like Home” as pictured above!

And I invite YOU to join in the fun!

I like to take my time with coloring. Here’s my page in progress…

Since these pages are printable, you can print them as many times as you like and color them as many ways as you like! You don’t even have to wait for the mail to arrive. I’ll email you the PDF right away, within 24 hours at the most, so you can get started fast. You can buy the book right here!

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When you are getting ready to be on TV

Earlier this year, I was asked by KS Productions to be on a TV Show called Make It Artsy. The show will air on PBS stations nationwide as well as online at starting this September. I have been on TV before on a different show called Scrapbook Soup. Every member of the KS Production team have been most helpful for preparing novices like myself for the show. So, there’s been a lot of shopping (of course!!!) and preparing projects, step-outs, instructions and talking points.

Here are some jewel tone and pastel dress shirts. I needed at most 2, but I bought 8. Please don’t judge!

Now, clothes aren’t the only thing I bought. I bought some props too. What can I say, I love how chefs use little dishes and utensils and they inspire me as much as the food they cook. So, I took this opportunity to buy some TV props of my own!

Shopping, however, is NOT the only thing I’ve been doing. I have been working very hard and many late hours to create my projects, editing my write-ups and planning my presentation.

I’ll be shooting three Technique segments and one Tip segment. And guess what? I GET TO SHOW OFF MY OWN COLORING BOOK ON TV!!!

Here’s the page from my coloring book No Place Like Home that I’ll show how to watercolor following the principles of chiaroscuro (the technical term for understanding light and shadows).

This is my project for the book episode. I will be showing how to alter a book to create an art journal.

In the stamping episode, I’ll show how to create this mixed media canvas with stamps I designed and cut myself. In this episode, I’ll also present a fun stamping tip you can easily recreate.

Okie doke, time to get back to work!

Happy creating y’all!




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Introducing My New Printable Coloring Book!

I’m SO EXCITED to share this news with you!!! I have created a coloring book with my own drawings inspired by my love of all things home.

Let me tell you a little story here.

As a kid, I was always drawing everything around me. We did not have drawing books like here in the States. I still remember my mom rolling out a big rim of drawing paper on the bedroom floor, marking, folding and cutting it and then hand-stitching little drawing books for me. Books that I could carry around easily and draw as I go. I still do that!
When this trend of Coloring books started, I was very happy. I bought and colored several myself.
I began to notice that most of these pages had very tiny spaces to fill that took a LONG time to color — as valuable as that exercise of coloring within lines was, it made me feel overwhelmed and somewhat impatient to see the results! I wanted something more like a sketchbook where coloring would feel more relaxing. I was inspired to create something myself that I couldn’t find in the market.

Around this time, Stampington Publication’s The Coloring Studio asked me to create the cover for their premiere issue. There was no stopping for me after that.

I picked a theme: home!

Homes I lived in, visited, saw on commercials, on television, in magazines – homes that left an impression on my mind. And I started drawing. Pretty soon, I had a stack of black and white line drawings. I picked 30 of those drawings and made it into No Place Like Home: A Coloring Book for the Home Lover!

I envisioned these drawings to bring you joy, for you to color with pencils, markers, crayons, watercolors, etc. and frame your favorites as a collection at home.

Working on my coloring book, made me realize how much really goes into creating anything and making it available to others. Apart from the deep need to  share a passion, I knew nothing about the process. It was a series of decisions from choosing a theme to a pen to a scanner to whether to make it a digital or physical product.

A lot of research showed me that a single printable drawing on Etsy ranges in price from $1.67 to $5.00.

I wanted to offer you the option of being able to print on your choice of papers and the option to reprint if you wanted. But I didn’t want my 30 drawings to cost $50.00 to $150.00 or for you to have to spend your precious time scrolling through the hundreds of pages to find what you like.

A printable sketch style coloring book seemed to be the best way to go. So, here it is – No Place Like Home!


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