Sketching on location

There was a time when I was about 8 or 9 and I drew everything in sight in my homemade sketchbooks. No blank piece of paper was immune if I could get my hands on a pencil, pen or any mark making device! I was not shy and I had no care about what other people thought of my drawings. People carried cameras and I carried my sketchbooks. I sat and I drew. Hours would pass by and I would keep filling the pages of my drawing books.

Then there was the time when I was 13 or 14 and I was shy to sit and draw in public. I restricted myself to drawing what I could see through the windows and balcony of our flat in the city. That shyness evaporated when I visited my grandma in the country and the change of scene was invigorating. My aunt would complain to my mom that I brought with me so few clothes. There was no space in the suitcase after I filled it with all the drawing paper I could fit.

As time went on, life got busier and busier. In my 20s, it was no longer possible to set time aside for reading, sketching and the like. It was not possible to keep drawing without making all the new people in my life – my husband, in-laws, new friends through my husband feel downright ignored. And then bags had to be packed with diapers, several changes of baby clothing, food and more. There was no more space for sketchbooks. Life had expanded in fascinating ways and even though there was no time to sketch, the amazing experiences were marinating inside while waiting to find the thread back to the surface.

Before long, the babies grew up to be children and there were many commutes to places for them to learn to swim, dance, do martial arts, make things in STEM club and there was waiting. It was BEAUTIFUL – pockets of time that were solely mine on most days and right there was the other end of that lost thread. As I packed for the kids, I packed a bag for myself as well with just the basics – a journal, a pen and a water bottle.

As travel became a requirement for my work, I took a sketchbook along and I drew at the airport, on the plane, in the taxi, on the go. I narrowed my essentials down to a no-objection-from-anyone-content-and-size and I resumed sketching on location, aware and unaware of my surroundings at the same time.

I take my time to draw. I don’t always finish on location. I take pictures with my phone for reference if I have to. But I carry on. When I can, I listen to audio books while I sketch. I try to find ways to do all the things that I can’t not do without neglecting everything I must do.

And I don’t judge.

Some drawings turn out okay, many don’t. I am happy doing it. And that is more than what I had expected.

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Creativebug’s Black Friday Sale

Did you know that Creativebug is having a Black Friday sale? And that means if you sign up between 11/22 and 11/29, you get the first three months of subscription for just $1. This sale only happens once a year and it ends on 11/29!

At Creativebug you’ll find over a thousand classes, with new ones added every week, covering various types of crafts from Art and Design to Holiday and Party and almost everything in between

There are mixed media and art journaling classes as well. I have taught the following classes at Creativebug and currently preparing to shoot more classes early next year.

Here’s Art Journaling with Gelatos.

 And here’s Art Journaling: Mixed Media on Paper

Don’t forget to sign up for Creativebug before sale ends on 11/29 and get three months of subscription for just $1.

Happy crafting!



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How to Create an Art Journal Page from Coloring Book

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New Coloring Book: At the Beach

When we lived in Florida, I didn’t think I could miss summer… ever! But when we moved north, I found cold weather for most of the year. Even though we have pretty beaches here too, the drive is longer and the water much colder. All of a sudden summer days and our trips to the beaches became a lot more precious to me. 

As I washed sand off the beach toys, I felt that soon this summer too will be a thing of the past and we can only hold on to its memories. And I wanted to re-live these moments and cherish the fond memories we made. To do so, I compiled my drawings inspired by our beach vacations – things we saw, things we shopped for, things we did, and created a coloring book named At the Beach
At the Beach is a printable coloring book of fond beach memories. It includes a fun collection of 30 hand-drawn images that bring back memories of carefree sun-soothed, surf-soaked beach vacations. Plus, there’s a bonus section of inspiration to help you bring the black-and-white pen drawings to life in full color!

In this coloring book, you’ll find cute flip flops, stylish swimsuits, the dyed woven straw beach bag with raffia fringes which we ended up not buying as it wasn’t big enough, the rose colored sun glasses I bought at St. Maarten and many more. At the Beach will surely help you re-live YOUR beach vacations and enjoy the special summer memories a while longer.

I’ll email you the printable PDF within 24 hours of purchase. No shipping fee, no waiting for the mail to step into coloring bliss!




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Art Journaling Class goes LIVE on Creativebug TODAY!

How would you like to learn to add fluid vibrancy to your art journal pages with tea stain dyes? Not only that, in my Art Journaling: Mixed Media on Paper, you’ll learn how to draw everyday objects in a simplified form, document your day or record an observation, create focal points, and finish with doodled details and dimensional elements. Whether you’re new to art journaling or a seasoned mixed media artist, you’ll enjoy this playful and experimental way of approaching art.

This online workshop is about 40 minutes in length and divided into the following segments:

  • Overview

  • Materials

  • Creating backgrounds with dye

  • Observational drawing and mark-making

  • Other examples of mixed media

  • Adding collage and other embellishments

Not a Creativebug member? Wanna try it out? Follow this link!

New members will get their 1st month of Creativebug + 1 class to keep forever for just $1. They’ll also receive 30% off at Jo-Ann Fabric.

When you sign up through the link below you’ll receive a welcome email from Creativebug, then a second email with the coupon code to use either online or in-store at Jo-Ann Fabric.

How cool is that!


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